Sunday, March 30, 2008

Peruvian restaurant with my PDD team and firends

We had a very nice dinner at a local Peruvian restaurant, Machu Picchu Boston, on Friday. Really nice restaurant and live music too. Basically my PDD team were there and Cynthia also brought her boyfriend, Zhenya, Tracy and quite a few other friends. As usual, Ken showed up too. Not sure if anyone is hitting off with anyone though;). The live music was really good. It starts at 8PM every Friday. We got there 7:30, the place was practically empty;), but after that it was practically packed. I think they also perform at some other places.

Oh, it was also the first time I brought my wife and kids to any SDM related event. The kids basically slept on their mother's lap for 2 hours. Lessons learned: bring the gameboy next time. That will keep them awake;).

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