Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The 3-Year SDM Pact

Oh, we entered a 3 year pact with a bunch of SDMers a few weeks ago. The pact is to come back to MIT after 3 years and see... (there might be two versions) version 1. who travels more places; version 2: who is doing better... I'd more supportive of the 2nd one since I am in total disadvantage of traveling.

Look forward to fulfill the pact, guys.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Speech Train + Proxy Server and all

Oops, I accidentally enable proxy in my apache server (need a proxy so I can cache the fedora rpm files when building fedora livecd for speech train machines) and it was public on the internet on port 80. Well, you can image what happened. Loads of people use it;). My router constantly went down for unknown reason. I figured out the problem by disconnecting ethernet cable from the router one by one.

Surprisingly, most proxied request was not porn;). It's Ads. Almost 60% are ads. Briefly looked through the log file, most connections were from Russian and Japan. A few porn sites were logged there.

Darn, had to disable the proxy. Sorry, folks.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Speech Training and all

after 3 weeks og tweaterring around, I finally get 1500 hours of speech ready to feed into sphinx. My estimate for the training is 1 month (at least). no more athena help... Hmm, therotically, I can log into a few athena machines and use it in my cluster, but I'd have to stay in front of the machine all the time.

And, distribute on the internet wouldn't work, given the huge data size. oh, well, we shall see.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Job Hunt and all

Jobs, jobs, jobs...

I feel I just got in yesterday, but now it's time for jobs. What an experience. I do think I have done a lot though. Really enjoyed it here, but not sure the reasons. Maybe the people.

So many thing I have learned. The entrepreneurship thing, I am enjoying it. I wouldn't say the team is ideal, but hey, there is no such as ideal. Everyone is different and you have to work with what you got.

oh, I should also connect with my classmates more often, like actually go to the classes;). I also should balance study and work more. Oh, and job hunt.

Back to jobs, I am facing a little dilemma: if I go to those off-campus job hunt site, like monster.com, the jobs there are most likely immediate openings. The jobs available through campus career fair are mostly geared towards campus new-hire with no professional experience. Oh, well, I do have a few leads though.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Warning from Athena

darn, Athena admin obviously wasn't too happy of my recent athena activity. I received a wraning note from athena admin. or, whatever, I'll stick with my own cluster then. well, maybe I'll have short memory...


Most recently our team received a report of configuration changes made to several hosts in the W20-575 Athena cluster on September 7 in the early morning. Your computing account was logged into console at the time these changes were made. Specifically, the TORQUE resource manager was installed and several workstations were reconfigured as compute nodes. The head node (hourglass.mit.edu) also appears to be a host belonging to you as well.

Reconfiguring Athena workstations is a serious violation of the Athena Rules of Use http://mit.edu/olh/Rules/), because it interferes with other people's access to these resources. Athena is a shared resource and should be equally available to all members of the Athena community.

All Athena account holders are responsible for the actions from their account, and repeated violations of the Rules can lead to account suspension and termination. We expect that you will reacquaint yourself with your responsibilities under the Rules and abide by them.