Sunday, September 21, 2008

Job Hunt and all

Jobs, jobs, jobs...

I feel I just got in yesterday, but now it's time for jobs. What an experience. I do think I have done a lot though. Really enjoyed it here, but not sure the reasons. Maybe the people.

So many thing I have learned. The entrepreneurship thing, I am enjoying it. I wouldn't say the team is ideal, but hey, there is no such as ideal. Everyone is different and you have to work with what you got.

oh, I should also connect with my classmates more often, like actually go to the classes;). I also should balance study and work more. Oh, and job hunt.

Back to jobs, I am facing a little dilemma: if I go to those off-campus job hunt site, like, the jobs there are most likely immediate openings. The jobs available through campus career fair are mostly geared towards campus new-hire with no professional experience. Oh, well, I do have a few leads though.

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