Thursday, September 18, 2008

Warning from Athena

darn, Athena admin obviously wasn't too happy of my recent athena activity. I received a wraning note from athena admin. or, whatever, I'll stick with my own cluster then. well, maybe I'll have short memory...


Most recently our team received a report of configuration changes made to several hosts in the W20-575 Athena cluster on September 7 in the early morning. Your computing account was logged into console at the time these changes were made. Specifically, the TORQUE resource manager was installed and several workstations were reconfigured as compute nodes. The head node ( also appears to be a host belonging to you as well.

Reconfiguring Athena workstations is a serious violation of the Athena Rules of Use, because it interferes with other people's access to these resources. Athena is a shared resource and should be equally available to all members of the Athena community.

All Athena account holders are responsible for the actions from their account, and repeated violations of the Rules can lead to account suspension and termination. We expect that you will reacquaint yourself with your responsibilities under the Rules and abide by them.


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