Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What have I been doing....

Oh, well, long time no post. Let me check what I have done:

1. trying to start our business (or thesis, however we want to call it) with Cynthia and the rest of the gang, a lot of coding in the 3 weeks break.

2. Summer session has officially started. Classes seem really hectic now. Homework piles on and I really want to get the coding part to a certain milestone.

3. doing a lot of reading and experiment with Automated Speech Recognition (ASR). Very interesting field. Right now, doing some model training with Sphinx. It is so much .... not-fun. Well, a lot of things need to be flushed out.

Something interesting in the process was that we (Cynthia and I) had a visit to Virage about 2 weeks ago. Their VP of research gave us some good demo about their product, eViTAP and other (blinkx is one of their product). Amazing speech recognition toolkit and machine translation capbility.

Other than these, I will remember to write more.

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