Friday, November 14, 2008

peHUB yesterday

I went to peHUB with a few Harvard friends last night. It was way more than what I hoped. Bumped a few VC's that I know before and collected a few more cards. Chatted with Luke Burns on the thing we are doing. Also chatted with Caleb Clark from Wind Jammer. Seems some traction there. The only thing I wish? I wish I had a proper business card, not my crappy sdm cards;).

Oh, went to Bertucci's for ice cream after (they claimed I was drunk, not suitable for driving and need ice cream for clean out the alcohol). Yum, no complains.


Yoav said...

Then get proper business cards ;) I really like the ones from

Also, FYI, for some reason Google Chrome gives an "unsafe site" warning when I go to visit your blog.

Ben Jiang said...

interesting? given that google owns Darn, it must be because I am linking to Sam's site;).

yeah, seems also a decent site for cards, with a whole bunch of templates.