Sunday, March 29, 2009

Support from SDM Community...

I am really grateful for all the support that was received from the SDM community, both from alum and current. Thanks to Samir, Carrie, Cyndi and Shashi, of course. Really appreciate!

Of course, not to mention the support from SDM program as well.


Yoav said...

Not sure what you need support for, but if you need anything from me, let me know. Please don't be shy ;)

Ben Jiang said...

oh, thanks, Yoav. I was just very happy with the 09 people for their support in both adopting to the new product and testing efforts. For example, Carrie from 09 has been testing our speaker adaptation bit even more than I did. And, Cyndi volunteered to proof-read our website,

Not sure if you know: nexiwave provide machine transcription to conference calls, so the user can ... just search it when need to find out what was discussed on those calls. We also have a product aimed for sales people.

We have taken over the SDM/LFM conf call contract: kicked Webex out. We got a few SDMers, a sloan and two industry partners on the team.

I probably will bug you on marketing stuff, since that's what your company does ;). Honestly, the Sloan marketing/sales classes seem not enough when running your own real company.