Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First batch of SDM invites is out

what a holiday I had. Worked like (replace with any of your favorite curse word), a lot. Anyway, just sent out the first batch of a small group of SDMers to register the at our website for conf calls. Finally I have some time to blog a bit.

Thanks, Sergey, for being the first one to sign up.

let's see how it goes.


SN said...

wow!!!! amount of work that went into nexiwave is amazing! I am very excited for you.

I was playing with it a little bit, lot's of great functionalities. Do you want to setup conf calls to test out the conference calling/voice recordings/transcripts functions? any night after 10 works just fine for me.

Ben Jiang said...

sure, thanks, Sergey. Why don't you pick a time? I can be available any night after 10 too.

btw: we are still working on improving the ASR accuracy. A few new modules (male/female, regional, etc) are being plugged in.