Monday, January 26, 2009

What a difference...

I had problem to find a home for the two rack servers that I bought. They are extremely cheap, but also extremely noisy. Brian Bulmer, the IT support for SDM/LFM program who had been really kind in support my effort, could only take them 20 minutes. Even for that, I gave him credit. Those two rack server are real beast. I looked up the spec for the 10 fans in the two servers. All of them are max air flow. As you might have guessed, max air flow also translates into max noise. Anyway, it has been bothering me for not able to find a home for these two servers. The reason I wanted to use these two servers was the price. Wayne Liu from SDM07 was kindly enough to offer to build machines with the current market specs. However, that would cost a lot for a single machine. For the price of today's single machine, I could get 3 or 4 racks servers. Consider we probably need 5 machines for redundancy. The cost saving is just too big to resist.

Anyway, Dave Schultz from SDM program office was very kind to let me use SDM storage room for the rack servers. There I have it, my own server room. I probably can dump 42U in there without bother anyone;). Thanks, Dave.

There is no network drop in the storage room and I had to get some wire thru the door and used a Linksys switch to share the one network connection.

After the 4 beer Chinese New Year celebration at Jeff place this evening, I figured I might as well move all the machines to the room. I did and it turned out to be a mistake. The network speed is much much slower. For the same page on, from the room, it might take 3-4 seconds. If I connect it to the wall directly, it only took <0.5 second. I am thinking the Linksys is the pulpit. Anyway, I had to un-do the move. Now, the network speed is perfect again. I am thinking buying a cisco switch to replace the linksys, or... jab;)...

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