Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spring already

Looks like Spring term is here already. I shopped for a few classes with one of the other fellow SDMer for some strategy class. Still deciding which one to take. Am I taking way too many strategy classes? Maybe I should sign up for some leadership classes instead. I do need one more class though.

The reason of being this late for the classes was because of the craziness of doing many things at the same time: a start-up to build, a family to care and ... a MIT Master degree, probably one of the most demanding University in the world;), to finish. Life is certainly the way I wanted it to be: don't want to know what for sure will happen six month from now: It seems I am slated to graduate this July, but we still haven't decided where to live yet. Oh, the craziness.


Yoav said...

Interesting question on classes. I'd encourage you to take one crazy, unconventional, totally different elective.

Something around metal working, or media, or photography, or architecture, or urban planning. Get out of the SDM/Sloan zoo.

Ben Jiang said...

Interesting, make me thinking. I know Jeremy is taking one from KSG, but it's more game theory, which I personally think MIT is ... better, John Nash was here after all.

Still got a few days to decide. Speaking of Architecture, there was an very interesting concept on that from Dan during my tech innovation class last semester. They plan a project (web-based) to bring architecture design to average joe (everyone can design a house and have it built)