Monday, February 23, 2009

MS Speech SDK and start-ups

My teammate of strategy class, Alex Stevenson, reminded me that there is a speech sdk available from MS. I played with it, but haven't found a way for speaker adaptation though. Will keep pushing on this front (when got time;)). Alex worked at MS before came to sloan and was on the direct2d team...

On another note, apologize for not post for so long. Too many things going on and didn't know what to post;). nexiwave is doing very good at this moment, with the first contract in hand and turning in profit-making company;-o. Other than that, I have been really working really hard: nexiwave is the main focus of course. A lot of small features, bug fixing, etc.

I am also involved with 3 more start-ups, with Barr and Jason mainly. I am glad that Barr is very interested in my facebook idea. Speaking of that, I need to do the slides for the facebook idea for the 100K entry. I am on a side-team with MBT and helping out with SENLive.

Too much to dump for one entry. Nexi time;).

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