Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meetup with MyVox

There was a great gathering this evening at the Cambridge Brewing Co., sponsored by As usual, Shashi was there. We got Kristian and me and Shashi on Cognika side. Nick, Richard and Don on MyVox side. Last but not least, great gal Theresa Rodrigues from It was certainly a pleasure talking with Theresa. Really smart and extremely good-looking;). I strongly suggest you check out her website: Great local content site to check out if going out in Boston.

In other news, I personally think MyVox might be able to do some business with their model, but I honestly think they need to give up more control to survive in the API model.

Talked quite a bit the local VC funding community with Richard, Shashi and Theresa. Very interesting information. Theresa suggested this entrepreneur pitching website: Pretty nice site.

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