Friday, April 25, 2008

MIT Sloan Sales Conf today

Sloan sales conference today. I missed the morning part, because of my negotiation class. However, the negotiation class was well worth it. Today is a 6-party negotiation. Extremely interesting negotiation. We got some very strong character on the negotiation table: Eric Loth, Sierra Calder Towers, Andriy Ignatov, Samia A Mahjub, Yifan Zhang and ???. Sierra was in the bad position to represent the ports side. If you met her, you'd know her that she is a very strong talker. So, she tried to block the deal in any way she can (good job, Sierra;)). However, I guess she gave her intention too early and the other parties knew that the ports side had to be excluded from this deal. Anyhow, very good negotiation case and we reached deal in the end. It was quite easy for me, since I have clear instruction about what's acceptable and, more importantly, the money and the veto power;).

Back to the Sales conf. I went there for the afternoon session with jab. I was a little disappointed since I more or less wanted to see more VC there. Anyhow, not too many there. Nevertheless, the entrepreneurship: how to close your first deal was good. I also liked the storytelling session. I will share a little more tonight.

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