Friday, April 25, 2008

Sales, Storytelling and more

There was a very good public speaker, Craig Valentine, on the Sloan Sales Conference this afternoon. As his topic says, "Masterful Story-Telling for Better Selling", he is truly a master of storytelling. The topic, story-telling instead of just facts, has appeared in so many text, but it is still amazing to see how powerful it is when a master performs it. Oh, I love the tips on eye contact: scan and stop.

I also liked this shorten: SOFTEN
Eye contact

Of course, he also shared his experience when he first started public speaking.

To a broader extent, story-telling is a powerful delivery method of visioning. The way I tend to do visioning is to paint the future picture. With a story, the msg can be delivered to the audience much more vividly.

Of course, the preparation would be the key. Characters -> Conflict -> Climax -> Conclusion -> Carry out -> Your msg.

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