Thursday, December 11, 2008

Congrats to Dan

Congrats to Dan. Linda and Dan got a consulting gig for a community college out in the west. Mostly amazingly, they mostly used what they learn in System Arch, SD stuff to win the contract. I guess this concludes a little to this Sergey's post. This stuff can be useful in some situations. I'd still have to say, in some remote situation, such as the west ;).

It seems they can get busy in the next couple of months and most likely to September.


SN said...

Ben -- thank you for supporting my argument.
the dilemma here, as it seem to me, is how direct the applicability need to be for the methods to be useful. I think Crawley covered it by "this class is not about what to think, but how to think"-- so, not sure if even he would claim universal applicability for his methods. But thinking about systems holistically and methodically is not a bad idea in any situation (but naturally is a subject to personal interpretations...)

Ben Jiang said...

Yes, I also think Crawley's stuff would be useful if you are not doing something that needs to have effect rather soon. Something like Dan's project is a fit for that stuff. Also, the his presentation to the Senate about NASA's problem stuff he mentioned in today's class.

For start-ups, probably not. Do you really think I'll give OPM to my customers? You can try to apply some stuff in Verizon, maybe.

All in all, time will tell.

SN said...

oh no... I would not share an OPM with anybody. No support for OPM from me.

Even if OPM had benefits over other diagrams (which I do not think it does), it is not widely accepted, so it is not a good tool to communicate. For something like this, I would prefer something more common and natural to understand (and OPM is neither of those )