Saturday, February 2, 2008

ESD.34, Technology Research paper

Jeremy, Rob and I turned in the technology research paper for ESD.34 couple of days ago. I figure I should write something about it.

The main idea is to go to various MIT communities to look for emerging technologies. The deliverables are a memo to your boss and a detailed research paper on the technology selected. My topic was Semantic Web, aka Web 3.0. Jeremy was doing some version control stuff and Rob was doing something called MapJAX (in hope of his boss will hire him back to do the upgrades, nah, just kidding).

I had a chance to go to CSAIL and talked to the DIG gorup (they are not responsive by email;)), namely Eric and Lalana Kagel. I also had quite a bit of talks with Drew Volpe, director of technology development of Endeca and Karun Bakshi, a past MIT graduate who used Semantic Web in his research project. Thanks!

I am quite interested in joining some research projects in DIG and W3C. However, I am not sure if I can find the time though.

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