Saturday, February 2, 2008

PDD and SmartBidder

Finally, I had a chance to talk to jab about this SmartBidder he was bragging;). Sounds very interesting. It would be more interesting to see the market research results from Jeff and Eric though. It's good to know that Rob is also on board too.

To be honest, I am a little worried about the market research results. Well, I am worried about any market research results for IT Web business;). Here's my point: IT/Web requires very little investment and therefore anyone can do it as long as he has a good idea. This business is basically a competition of idea creation. Given the number of people in the world, this is a very competitive business. Up until now, anything I can come up with is either done by some else, or too hard to do.

However, I am NOT pessimistic though. One thing I learned from Pref. Ralph Katz: Inventing is not the only way to be successful. Most of the times, it's about find new application for inventions. This is very true.

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