Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sheakspeare Ensemble

Eli, Jill, John Kluza, Ken and I went to see Sheakspeare Ensemble last night. It was very good. This was a student acting group. Quite a few programs in there: Much ado abut nothing, Merry Wives of Windsor, Sure thing and The importance of being Earnest. I liked "Sure thing" the most. It was something like you can go back to re-do something until it's something you like. Here's the link to their group:

Before we went to the show, we had dinner at Eli's place, small but comfy place. I was stupid to blindly trust google map. It sent me to the Elm street near Davis Sq, instead of the Elm street in cambridge. I ended up taking a taxi from Davis to Eli's place.

After the show, we went back to Eli's place and had some dessert. We then played some weird board game John brought. It's called Killer Bunny. It was actually quite fun. The game was about winning the carrots, but in the process of it, you need to keep your bunnies alive. The fun part is that you can trade your cards with other players by fair exchange, bribing, or in Eli's way, blackmailing;). It was fun. Oh, I also played Chinese Checker with Eli. I didn't know that he knows how to play. BTW: not surprisingly, I won the Chinese Checker;). Eli, Jill, thanks again for having us. I had fun.

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