Sunday, January 20, 2008

Business Plan and tech research development

I did quite a bit of work with the business plan development in Dewey. The Business Plans Handbook is really handy. I am in charge of the financial section for the GROFP program of our PFF org. I believe I am almost done with that.

Another interesting development today is the tech research paper. I know my interests is in the software areas (or anything that can make $$ quick;)). I discovered MediaLab site ( and Rob sent me the link for casil ( After some brief reading, I am quite interested in the Software Design group from casil and the software agent thing from MediaLab. I will have to spend quite a bit more time with them. Also, Jeremy mentioned that he may want to join the tech research group me and Rob formed. It would be interesting to see some OS level and version control aspect to our group.

oh, I also like the fact that the homeless guy is wondering around in Hayden. I really don't mind this guy (he's quiet) except the smell.

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