Tuesday, January 22, 2008

DC2, tech research and the beer event...

I went to sleep at around 4am this morning. The reason was that, as part of System Architecture class's tech research topic, I did a lot of reading on the Semantic Web group from MIT's CSAIL SIG group. I am really interested in their stuff because I did a lot of web stuff in the past. I sent a few emails to a research scientist and a past graduate student Harvey Jones there. It was very kind of Harvey to respond so quickly. I then shamelessly asked a few questions:). I think those can be very useful for the tech research paper.

In other news, DC2 is near (just one more day left) and we haven't 100% agreed on the skinny problem yet. Oh, well, tomorrow will be a very productive day (I mean, hopefully).

For no particular reason (again;-o), SDM organized a pizza dinner event at the Thirsty Ear. It turned out to be nice though. I had a few beers and chatted to Chad about his plan to become an Admiral. With the peace time and the brand name of MIT, I certainly think these navy folks have a lot of potential. I ended up having a long talk with Amy's husband, Brian, an LFM07 student. We talked about the rise of China's manufacturing sector and how we should take advantage of it. Apparently, LFM07 is doing a tour to China. Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai and ShengZheng. It would be very interesting to see how it will turn out.

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