Saturday, January 19, 2008

we are getting a hang with DC2...

I think we are making some good progress with DC2. We got the business plan going and we split up the tasks.

From the talks I got, people are starting to loosing up a bit. We are looking at this way: Jan portion of system arch only counts 25% of total grades. DC1 only counts 5% of the 25%=1.25%. DC2=15%*25%=3.75%. We almost killed ourselves during the last night of DC1. Is it really worth killing ourselves for the 3.75%? Hehe, Not sure if this is good though;).

I am also thinking of doing the TPP program Arun suggested. Well, it would be really interesting to me if I can get a a discount for doing SDM and TPP at the same time;).

I also did some brief reading on the 15.665. Really interesting course with a little game theory. I found a little course notes from Jia Lou (Thanks a bunch;)): Some skills I need to develop.

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