Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yes, January is almost over

Ok, the suffer is almost over. Tomorrow is last day on the calendar for Jan session (with some leadership soft class;)).

Something good happened to me. Well, not that I met an angel or something;). It's the System Arch class today. After today's System Arch's class, the SDM program started to make some sense to me. Pref. Crawley explained in some quite detail about how SDM was designed, or in his word, architected. Quite interesting. Thanks, Mr. Crawley!

btw: I still don't quite agree with some core courses (supply chain, for example).

Looking back, DC1 and DC2 are totally ... and they didn't ...(hehe, really don't steal the spoil for any future SDMer;)). With that being said, I still have to say there is no way to prepare anyone ready for the boot-camp. Well, most of them are peer pressure and competition nature of DC1 and DC2. Anyhow, I think it's time well ..... spent. Please don't let it happen again;).

Since yesterday, I have been scambling to find what books are needed for spring. I will post after I have the whole list.

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