Thursday, January 24, 2008

DC2 is...

Finally, DC2 is done. The importance of DC2 is waiting to be seen though(only weighs 3.75% in the total system arch score). Oh, well, we had fun though. Honestly, I wasn't a believer at first. We only got TWO weeks to come up the solution for global warming or nutrition problem. After today's presentations, I actually felt some solutions (especially team 1's;)) might actually work if implemented. How long it will take is totally another question though:).

In other news, we had a kiss-good-bye beer event at the Characters. It turned to be nice. I finally got a chance to talk quite a few people, Paul, Kandarp, SY, Ken and Dennman, about their plans after January and after SDM. Well, maybe I talked these topic with them before, but one can have short memory, especially if he only sleeps 3 hours.

It's kind of sad though, since almost half of SDM08 cohort will have to leave and do their remote thing. Oh well, at least we can laugh at them picking their nose while video conferencing;).

Three more homeworks need to be finished this weekend. What kind of life we got!

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